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Buy to Let property was once THE buzzword for investors as independant financial advisors recommended their clients to diversify into diffeent markets, spreading their risk out of the stockmarket. The real estate market madelots of sense to these investors as history shows us that alothough property prices do not necessarily rise annually, over a period of years it will always show a healthy return as equity is gained from the leverage of mortaging the real estate.

Buy to Let and Jet to Let investment propertyBuy to Let simply means buying a property with the intent of renting it out instead of living in it. This type of investment has resulted in an oversupply of poor quality rental properties that are inadequate in serving the local needs in certain areas. There are however many thousands of investors who have shrewdly purchased the right property in the best location and enjoy good occupancies year round.

In recent years we have coined a new phrase Jet to Let - this market was created by younger investors who did not have the capital to invest in their own home or even properties in their home countries. With so many programmes on the television on an almost daily basis it was inevitable that these unvestors would grab the bull by the horns and begin investing abroad. The upturn of this is that family investors who would normally have settled for a small holiday home in the sun have now also begun trading in Buy to Let properties. Some with a view to utilise the properties themselves others who are planning on building a portfolio of proerties in readiness for their retirement.

If you want a Buy to Let property or a Jet to Let property that will serve you well in the tourist market, make sure it is close to a beach, major attractions and is children and/or Handicap friendly. Should you wish to rent on annual contracts, be aware that infrastructure, accessibility and schools will be far more important criteria for the tenant.

The more serious investors have alrady done their Due Diligence and are aware of the risks of entering new " Hot Spot" markets and destinations. They are also aware of the potential upside in investing early. As budget airlines reach out across the world on what seems on be a daily basis, astute investors are watching these ne destinations, in search of specific criteria that will point them in the right direction. For example, if a five star Hotel resort is planned to be constructed in a far flung destination, it is not because the owners just require a luxurious hotel in which they and their families can take a vacation. It is because they have invested millions investigaing the local and international tourists trends and are now content that Destination X is the place in which to invest their money and that of their shareholders. By following closely on their heels we gat an insight into where the serious moeny is being invested globally. Add to that the budget airlines or even just regular flght routes by major carriers that are provided on a regular basis and we are already ahead of the game. Then by performing our Due Diligence on the would be developers in the area, we put our self in a situation whereby we can feel content with the knowledge that we are recommending a viable investment for our clients.

Buy to Let comes in several forms, with the most popular being via Leaseback schemes, typically provided by the developer. Theses developments still need careful consideration, to ensure that they will suit the individual investor, however they can offer some relatively stress free investment opportunities for those investors that are either prepared let their investment real estate work for them as against having to work their real estate investment. The French government has provided its backing to this type of scheme since the nineties and it seems that other countries and developers are also taking a leaf from this same page in offering a viable return on investment with their new projects.

Risk is always going to be proportionate and we advise family investors to follow the buying trend and allow the high rolling investors to set the trend by taking the initial risks.

Your Due diligence should always include:

Bank Guarantees ensuring that if the developer or constructor runs out of funds prior to the completion of the project, the bank or an insuring party will return funds to the investor.

Building Licenses. Funds will only be released to the developer when all relevant licenses have been granted.

The Developer.We only offer projects from experienced developers who have high standards, and equally important a reputation for completing the work on time and on budget.

Land Title. Ensure that the developer owns the land on which they intend to construct on.

Re-Assignable Contracts are important in order to buy and sell a property prior to completion. Without a re-assignable contract the investment strategy could be rendered useless.

Quality Guarantees. We always make sure that the builder offers a guarantee on construction and a detailed quality specification

Leaseback Schemes provided by the developer will be checked to ensure that their is the possibility of sufficient tenants who will be interested in renting the end product. In holiday destinations, this will include confirming regular flights, good local amenities, a sound local workforce who will be looking after the properties and managing them. Some developers or promoters are already in contact with major tour operators which although not garaunteeing anything is a step in the right direction. Some locations in new destinations hold their own upside potential dependant on local attractions,facilities, amenities and labour market and will not neccessarily be reliant on international tourism

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